The Drunkard, or The Fallen Saved

The Drunkard, or The Fallen Saved

The Drunkard follows Edward Middleton, prosperous young landowner, whose generosity and decency are matched only by his love of life. But, when an avaricious and resentful lawyer exploits Edward’s weakness for drink, the young man staggers down a path to dereliction. Abandoning his reputation and his young wife and child, he is brought to New York City and is saved by the intervention of Arden Rencelaw, whose own recovery from a sordid past has given him a mission to champion the fallen man.

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Show Category: Drama

Opening:Sep 18, 2010
Closing:Oct 17, 2010

Theater Information
The Metropolitan Playhouse of New York
220A East 4th Street
New York, NY
Between Ave. A and B


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