In the woods of southwest England, Johnny "Rooster" Byron, former daredevil motorcyclist and modern-day Pied Piper, is a wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son wants to be taken to the country fair, a stepfather wants to give him a serious kicking and a motley crew of friends wants his ample supply of drugs and alcohol.

Average Rating: 1.25 stars1.25 stars1.25 stars1.25 stars1.25 stars based on 2 votes

Show Category: Drama

Opening:Apr 2, 2011
Closing:Jul 24, 2011

Theater Information
Music Box Theatre
239 West 45th Street
New York, NY
Between 7th and 8th Ave.


0.5 stars0.5 stars0.5 stars0.5 stars0.5 stars by Anonymous
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This is the longest, most irritating broadway show I have ever seen. Unless you like 4 letter words every 5 minutes, a hard English accent which you can't understand, and a weird plot which I still don't get (and I have a University degree) don't go! I have no idea what criteria is used to make awards, but this one sure doesn't deserve one! I hated it! Obviously others liked it, and I guess that means I'm different-an educated, law abiding, middle aged American citizen.

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2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars by Anonymous
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Not sure why we went to see this play, I would have rather seen one of the more tried and true shows. Anyway, the British accent was hard to understand so I missed much of the dialogue and kept saying What did he say? The use of the F and C words was uncomfortable for me and the 3 hour length was way too long and left me running out of there to get away from the torture. I do admit that the main character was played by an excellent actor who deserves to get an award as long as he didn't write the script he had to speak. Won't be recommending this to my friends, I should have known better.

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