Tail! Spin!

Tail! Spin!

Using only the actual words—spoken, emailed, tweeted, texted and told—of the disgraced politicians, their paramours and the skeptical media they tried so hard to spin, Tail! Spin! is an outrageously entertaining verbatim reenactment of four recent preposterous sex scandals. Politics is dirty, but politicians are dirtier. Drawn verbatim from the leaked e-mails, raunchy texts and tell-tale tweets that brought down politicians Mark (“Appalachian Trail”) Sanford, Larry (“Wide Stance”) Craig, Anthony (“I Was Hacked”) Weiner, and Mark (“Underage Page”) Foley, Tail! Spin! weaves an intricate, overlapping narrative of the power of sex and the sex lives of the powerful.

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Opening:Sep 18, 2014
Closing:Jan 4, 2015

Theater Information
Lynn Redgrave Theatre (formerly Bleecker Street Theatre)
45 Bleecker Street
New York, NY
Between Lafayette and Mott


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