Mr. & Mrs. Fitch

Mr. & Mrs. Fitch

Mr. & Mrs. Fitch is a comical play about two gossip columnists.

Average Rating: 1.75 stars1.75 stars1.75 stars1.75 stars1.75 stars based on 2 votes

Show Category: Comedy

Starring: John Lithgow

Opening:Jan 26, 2010
Closing:Mar 21, 2010

Show Website:

Theater Information
Second Stage Theatre
305 West 43rd St
Between 8th and 9th Aves
New York, NY


1.5 stars1.5 stars1.5 stars1.5 stars1.5 stars by Chris
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I found Mr. and Mrs. Fitch to be a boring play with dry humor and a shallow story. The play follows a husband-and-wife team who are entertainment columnists trying to come up with a "big story". They decide to invent a person to write about, and then spend the rest of the show agonizing over their creation's portrayal.

There were a few somewhat funny moments in the show, but it isn't a typical comedy. Without a solid story, Mr. & Mrs. Fitch is just two people talking about mundane subject matter for 2 hours. The theater is also right on top of the A/C/E train line, and the train going by every 5 minutes is an audible annoyance.

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2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars by Amy
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Mr. and Mrs. Fitch was not the comedy I was expecting. The dialog is very fast-paced and occasionally witty, but most of the jokes went over my head or were only mildly funny. The acting was excellent. John Lithgow and Jennifer Ehle worked really well together. The set was also pretty impressive for an off-Broadway show. The story was pretty weak. The first half of the play set up for what could have turned into a very funny situation, but the story came to a dead end in the second half, in which they filled most of the time talking about random unrelated topics.

The theater sells discounted tickets for anyone under the age of 30. I jokingly asked if the play was targeted for an older crowd - we were assured it was not, but when we arrived for the show, it appeared the average age of the audience was over 50.

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