Korach is described in the Bible as the leader of a rebellion against Moses during the Israelites' 40-year journey through the desert following gaining freedom from slavery in Egypt. The play integrates live action and film and also takes a look at twentieth and twenty-first century anarchists, including those from 1930s Spain and 1920s Russia.

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Show Category: Drama

Opening:Dec 8, 2010
Closing:Feb 28, 2011

Theater Information
The Living Theatre
21 Clinton Street
New York, NY
South of Houston at Ave. B


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Can't help but admire the continuing spirit of idealism and the use of Theater as a tool for the dismantelling of oppression and the distruction of separation between audience and action. Judith Molina is an American Cultural Treasure and this work was both written and directed by her. Enjoy the Living Theater experience whilr you can. Was very impressed with returning cast member Kennedy Yanko who seems destined for the big screen, but foir her artistic street creds.

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