Altar Boyz

Altar Boyz

Altar Boyz is a parody of a Christian boy band performing the last show on their "Raise the Praise" tour.

Average Rating: 3.7 stars3.7 stars3.7 stars3.7 stars3.7 stars based on 5 votes

Show Category: Comedy/Musical

Opening:Feb 15, 2005
Closing:Jan 10, 2010

Show Website:

Theater Information
New World Stages
340 West 50th Street
(between 8th and 9th ave)
New York, NY


3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars by Chris
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Altar Boyz is an off broadway show that's performed as if the Christian music group "Altar Boyz" is putting on their last concert on a tour.

I paid half price to see this show (thanks to the half price booth), and felt that I got my $45 worth. The show was clever and funny at times. It wasn't hysterically funny, but there were some chuckle moments. It's a musical, so most of the jokes are part of songs that the Altar Boyz are singing. The music itself is of a Christian pop band, so if you've ever heard any Christian pop music, you know what to expect.

The Altar Boyz group consists of five people - Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham (the jew). All the religion jokes were very tasteful. They were quite conservative, and really didn't insult religion. I thought that was too bad - many of the jokes could have been funnier if they hadn't tried to be so politically correct. Still, it was a mildly amusing show and a pleasant evening out.

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3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars by Alex
2 of 2 people found this helpful

Alter Boyz provided fun, light humor. The songs were somewhat catchy, but it was the jokes in-between that made the performance worthwhile. The show had a unique set-up and the story was told in an interesting manner.

The only thing that disappointed me was that none of the jokes really pushed the envelope in any way. It's as if they were trying to keep the show all-ages and not offend anyone (this offended me).

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5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars by Anonymous

Had a blast. The boys had so much energy. We saw three musicals while we were in town: Shrek, 9 to 5 and Altar Boyz. Altar Boyz was definitely the most enjoyable.

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4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars by Anonymous

I saw this a while back, and still have fond memories. Hilarious, but still appropriate for all ages (though the music is turned UP!) Good plot, great acting and a resolution free of Broadway corniness. A solid choice for a show.

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3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars by Anonymous

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